Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Latest Email

There was a cool experience I had the other day. We went to go contact a referral that we received from a member in another ward and it seemed pretty solid. So we went to the door and he basically shut us down and said he wasn't interested and slammed the door on us. We started heading back to our bikes when he came out and walked his wife to her car (probably to protect her from us haha). All of the sudden I got this strong urge to try again. All I could think about was talk to this guy one more time and see what happens. So I ran after him before he could get inside and basically just bore my testimony and told him a little bit about the Book of Mormon. He was like a whole different person. He seemed interested and grateful for us, and he invited us back next Sunday. I'm glad I followed that prompting. Another cool thing happened on this last p day. We went with the zone leaders to Bangs Canyon, which I think is a part of the Colorado National Monument. We went on this hike that started off pretty cool, just kinda jumping up big rocks and stuff. Next thing I know we're going inside these caves and climbing straight up and out of these holes in the roof. It was so cool. WE kinda had a crazy weekend this past week. So it was our stake conference and Elder Ballard and Elder Hillier came so it was just hectic and insane. My comp and I and the Zone leaders had to be at the church at like 1:30 for some interviews with President Murdock and it was really busy. Anyways I was in my interview with President Murdock and after, I stepped out the door and Elder Ballard was right there. It was crazy! He came up to me and shook my hand and asked me where I was from and stuff. I'd never even seen an apostle before and it was pretty cool to shake his hand and talk for a bit. So then we took Mark Hillier out and it went really well. Conference was great too, and after the Sunday session, Elder Ballard had all the missionaries meet in a room and he gave us a kinda training thing it was really cool. Then after all of that went down we went back out and put 2 more people on date for baptism. It was a good end to the week.