Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So my new area is cool! we're just a small branch up here cause a lot of the people who live here are transient and only stay for ski season and stuff, but it's a great little branch! The people are awesome and willing to help out! My new companion, Elder Quezada, is awesome! He's native to spanish and taught english before his mission, so I'm in luck! He's from Oxnard Shores Cali, but also sorta from Chile! He's old too hahaha he's 2 years older than me....geezer haha ANyways SPANISH! It's coming haha I still am lost in all the lessons and stuff but I can pray carryon a converstation kind of. It's so much fun haha WE teach this awesome family that owns a restaraunt in Fraser and they speak spanishand they're just super cool. They give us food all the time! I can't wait til I can teach and communicate well in spanish! Quiero aprender ahora, pero necessito tiempo! ANyways the teaching has been going pretty well! We've been finding new people to teach like crazy and we have a couple who are progressing really well! ONe guy in particular. His name is Ken and his whole family are members of the church. He's been "investigating" the church for a long time now. Missionaries have deemed him an etern-a-gator because he's never really progressed, but we had an intense lesson with him and his family yesterday and he said he wants to get baptized! Probably this coming sunday! WE're excited because this guy is pretty much a member, he just needed a bit of a push! We also taught another awesome part member family! They want to get baptized the only problem is the parents need to get married!!! WE had a crazy lesson with them about eternal families and the blessings that come with the temple! WE were pretty much invinting them to get married...the things we do as missionaries! They seem like they're going to start progressing really fast! But anyways it was a good end to the week. Hopefully we can keep things rolling!!!!! Love you all!! Elder Austin!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Se Habla Español Elder Austin

Crazy things have been going on this week! Transfers are tomorrow so the missionary world is going crazy! And its official now....I got a call on saturday night saying that I will need learn spanish and that I'm being transfered to a spanish area....I have no idea what I'm getting myself into but it should be fun! I'm gonna miss the foothills ward though. ONly 6 weeks here and I'm already close with a lot of these families, but I'm looking foward to habloing (see my spanish is already good!) WE also have been teaching this awesome family, The McDowell's, and just gave them a date for baptism on friday! I'm bummed I wont be here for it, but send them your prayers so that thewy can continue to progress. Other than that we've almost died a couple times driving in the snow because I kjeep pulling this cool lever thats right by my seat ;) I've also never had so much food in my life. WE ate at a recent converts house and they gave us a huge plate of food, but I was hungry so I went for seconds, and she gave me a plate that was bigger than the first sooo I almost threw up cause I had to eat it all. ANyways I still need to pack all the random junk I've accumulated and some spanish to learn sooooo PEACE!!!