Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Se Habla Español Elder Austin

Crazy things have been going on this week! Transfers are tomorrow so the missionary world is going crazy! And its official now....I got a call on saturday night saying that I will need learn spanish and that I'm being transfered to a spanish area....I have no idea what I'm getting myself into but it should be fun! I'm gonna miss the foothills ward though. ONly 6 weeks here and I'm already close with a lot of these families, but I'm looking foward to habloing (see my spanish is already good!) WE also have been teaching this awesome family, The McDowell's, and just gave them a date for baptism on friday! I'm bummed I wont be here for it, but send them your prayers so that thewy can continue to progress. Other than that we've almost died a couple times driving in the snow because I kjeep pulling this cool lever thats right by my seat ;) I've also never had so much food in my life. WE ate at a recent converts house and they gave us a huge plate of food, but I was hungry so I went for seconds, and she gave me a plate that was bigger than the first sooo I almost threw up cause I had to eat it all. ANyways I still need to pack all the random junk I've accumulated and some spanish to learn sooooo PEACE!!!

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