Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things are going good over here! We finished zone conferences and they went great. i think they caused a change in some of the missionaries hearts. We're excited to see all the good that will happen here in the mission. Now we're working on the transfer board. It's weird putting missionaries in areas and knowing i wont be here for any of it, but its good. Great things will happen!
I'm definitely going to miss being a missionary. I dont know where i would be if i hadn't served. I was healed and saved by this mission for sure :) As much as i love it though, i'm excited to come home. God told me to come out here so i came, and now he's telling me to go home, so i'll go home! He has a lot in store so i'm excited for all the things he'll need me to do. I love you guys! Thanks for supporting me through these 2 years. I owe you all a ton :) 
We've been seeing tons of miracles lately and i know God will continue to bless the missionaries in this area. There are people waiting everywhere. We just have to show them the way!! 

Elder Austin

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transfers are tomorrow
WE did have a couple cool experiences. We got a referral from Salt Lake for a guy in jail. He was a drug lord and wanted us to come teach him how to pray. He's a member but hasn't been in a long time. We met with him at the jail over a video chat. He was really cool, and seems like he wants to change. He said an awesome prayer too. We also met a lady while we were knocking a few doors. She's having a ton of family struggles and said she was praying all morning for help from God, and then we came. It's funny too cause we knocked her whole street and no one talked to us the entire time. We thought about leaving to a new spot but felt like we should just keep going. I've learned that there are no coincidences. God knows what he's doing and uses us as the instruments to answer prayers and bless his children. 
 Love, Elder Austin

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It sounds like everyone is doing so good back home! Thts so sweet that Dad is helping the missionaries out and the kid wants him to baptize him?!?! 
Things are going well here. This past week was a little more normal so we got some work done! We'll be having a miracle baptism this saturday! The Pierce Family!! Garrett and Jessica are the parents and they have a little 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. WE've been teaching them nd they've been coming to church and last night he told us that he wanted to tell us to baptize him right after church!So we moved their date up to this saturday!! They wanted to be baptized in the river but president shot it down haha safety reasons and stuff. It's been a great week though! Met a lot of people and are seeing tons of success. The other day we tracted into a Spanish families home and I taught them a little bit and asked if the spanish sisters could come, they said it ws cool. So when the sisters went over they texted us and said that they are "super golden and prepared"  It’s awesome to see how the Lord uses every ounce of our talents to help others out!!
Other than that its been busy!! This week will be tons of exchanges with other elders and then the following 2 weeks will be Specialized Trainings (E.Donovan and I will have to drive to Delta, Montrose, Craig, Rifle, and Glenwood Springs) Lots of driving and more exchanges and then the week after that, we will start working on The Transfer Board....Which takes a long time too…
Anyways pray for me that I wont die this week, and that I'l be able to get a reasonable amount of sleep hahaha

Elder Austin 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The pic is from a festival in the mall where the Denver Nugget cheerleaders were meeting people!

Things are going good over here in Golden. We're really trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work and actually supporting us (the ward hasn't helped the elders much in the past D:) and i think its starting to work! WE'll be having a baptism this friday and should be having more in february! We've been working hard and were starting to see the results. One example of the ward helping us out in missionary work is we were over at the bishops house and I asked him who he knew that wasn't a mormon and that we could go try and make mormon haha he thought for a while and finally was just like well you can go give this lady a shot haah he didn't even know her name but we went over to her house got in and taught her. we found out she is a great great great great however many greats granddaughter of joseph smith!! IT was pretty awesome! Her family told her to never tell anyone she was related to him, but she told us and shes now reading the book of mormon and taking the discussions! SO! If you have anyone that pops into your mind for even a second that you think the missionaries should go try. tell them!! 
I can't beleive I have only 6 months left now! It's going by so fast, and its only going quicker. It feels like everyday it goes faster. I'm excited to work hard these last 6 months and then to see you all again :) 
Love you guys!! PEACE!

Elder Austin

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How are ya?.
I still can't beleive I'm almost to my last 6 months! It's unreal! Things are going by so fast. The sisters that flew out with me go home at the end of this month and the others go home in february, which is a really weird feeling! 
Things are going good out here! Elder Cabas and I are working super hard and seeing a lot of success! now we just need to get these people baptized! A lot of them have potential and will be awesome members :) 
It's cool how much we've been guided by the spirit this past week. We've been super busy but in the little windows of time that we have to work huge blessings come. one day we only had like an hour to teach so we decided just to knock on doors and all three doors we knocked on let us in and we taught them and got return appointments :) When we do the small things God makes big things happen! Thats what we've been trying to teach the missionaries in the zone is that being obedient to every detail will bring huge blessings!! I think it applies to non missionaries too! 
anyways I love you! miss ya tons! 
Elder Austin