Saturday, January 31, 2015

Things are going good over here in Golden. We're really trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work and actually supporting us (the ward hasn't helped the elders much in the past D:) and i think its starting to work! WE'll be having a baptism this friday and should be having more in february! We've been working hard and were starting to see the results. One example of the ward helping us out in missionary work is we were over at the bishops house and I asked him who he knew that wasn't a mormon and that we could go try and make mormon haha he thought for a while and finally was just like well you can go give this lady a shot haah he didn't even know her name but we went over to her house got in and taught her. we found out she is a great great great great however many greats granddaughter of joseph smith!! IT was pretty awesome! Her family told her to never tell anyone she was related to him, but she told us and shes now reading the book of mormon and taking the discussions! SO! If you have anyone that pops into your mind for even a second that you think the missionaries should go try. tell them!! 
I can't beleive I have only 6 months left now! It's going by so fast, and its only going quicker. It feels like everyday it goes faster. I'm excited to work hard these last 6 months and then to see you all again :) 
Love you guys!! PEACE!

Elder Austin

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