Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Newest Email

Alright so Elder Quezada is in Montrose and Elder Ramirez is finally settled in here!! It's been such a tiring week cause of all the driving I have to do now! Ramirez doesn't have a drivers license so I'm the all time driver...we have to go to Denver twice this week too. He's a cool kid thoo 2 months out of Peru and its his first time out of his country! He speaks ok English too! My spanish is already continuing to get better. I feel comfortable going up to people and speaking but its tough to understand them sometimes haha So I'll just nod my head and say si or act distracted haha

Alright so spiritual story for the week!

Yesterday we were on our way to Kremmling after church (really far away) and about 1/4 the way there I started feeling like we shouldn't go. It was mostly laziness that kept me from wanting to go, but I did feel promptings as well! So we flipped around and headed back. We had no plans for working in Granby so we just decided to knock doors. The first door we knocked on let us in and it turned out she was a member! Less active for years, but we challenged her to read the Book of Mormon, and she said she would and invited us back another time. Then like 10 minutes later we parked on the side of the street to get out and knock more doors, and this lady was just standing at her door staring at us haha so I said Hey what’s up were missionaries and she’s like yeah I know I'm a member. She also was a less active member who didn't even know there was a church here! She wanted a Book of Mormon and said she would come to church!!! And you thought my laziness was a bad thing mom and dad hahaaaaa

Anyways things have been good over here! We just put 2 of our investigators on date for baptism in July! They're 20 and 23 years old . We're also still working with Kerby and her family!!!

Love you guys! Keep being awesome!

Con amor!

Elder Austin!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A new message from Nick

Alright so transfer news!....this ones crazy!!!

So much to my joy and happiness I'm staying here in Granby!! I'm also going to finish a new missionary's training!Hes only been out for a short while and hes from peru! and he speaks no english!!! So I guess I'll be learningspanish real quick!! I'm excited but nervous too!!! I hear he's a good humble kid sso it should be fine. The work still continues to be awesome up here! We're still meeting lots of cool people, and not so cool people but its all fun no matter what!

I haven't done any of my x ray stuff cause its too expensive and dumb. I'll keep going on it until I feel something go wrong for sure! Dont worry about it mom!!

Hope you all continue to be happy and super cool! I miss you guys so much! It's weird that I'm almost a month away from my year mark. I'm just tryinng not to think about it. It's flying by soo fast!!!

Love you all!

Con mucho amor

Elder Austin

Pickle in the woods

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!!
It's crazy to see everyone going on missions, graduating, getting married! Hahaha it's pretty cool! I'm glad that your all doing well :) 
I have no idea what's gonna happen this coming transfer! It's pretty up in the air but hopefully I stay! I love this area too much haha it's pretty easy to find out where your going when your Spanish speaking cause there are only like 10 Spanish areas in the mission. If I do get moved I want to stay in the mountains at least. All of the mountain areas are Spanish speaking so hopefully I get one of them! 
This week has been interesting. We've been rejected a ton with little success :) it's cool tho cause were still working really hard and are going to see more success soon! Last week of the transfer thooooooo! Who knows what's going to happen! Usually if I like where I'm at.....pres likes to move me so I'll probably go! Haha
Anyways things have been good. Love you guys! Thanks for all you guys do

Love elder Austin

Ps more pics comin!