Monday, June 2, 2014

A new message from Nick

Alright so transfer news!....this ones crazy!!!

So much to my joy and happiness I'm staying here in Granby!! I'm also going to finish a new missionary's training!Hes only been out for a short while and hes from peru! and he speaks no english!!! So I guess I'll be learningspanish real quick!! I'm excited but nervous too!!! I hear he's a good humble kid sso it should be fine. The work still continues to be awesome up here! We're still meeting lots of cool people, and not so cool people but its all fun no matter what!

I haven't done any of my x ray stuff cause its too expensive and dumb. I'll keep going on it until I feel something go wrong for sure! Dont worry about it mom!!

Hope you all continue to be happy and super cool! I miss you guys so much! It's weird that I'm almost a month away from my year mark. I'm just tryinng not to think about it. It's flying by soo fast!!!

Love you all!

Con mucho amor

Elder Austin

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