Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!!
It's crazy to see everyone going on missions, graduating, getting married! Hahaha it's pretty cool! I'm glad that your all doing well :) 
I have no idea what's gonna happen this coming transfer! It's pretty up in the air but hopefully I stay! I love this area too much haha it's pretty easy to find out where your going when your Spanish speaking cause there are only like 10 Spanish areas in the mission. If I do get moved I want to stay in the mountains at least. All of the mountain areas are Spanish speaking so hopefully I get one of them! 
This week has been interesting. We've been rejected a ton with little success :) it's cool tho cause were still working really hard and are going to see more success soon! Last week of the transfer thooooooo! Who knows what's going to happen! Usually if I like where I'm at.....pres likes to move me so I'll probably go! Haha
Anyways things have been good. Love you guys! Thanks for all you guys do

Love elder Austin

Ps more pics comin! 

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