Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lastest from Pickle

Happy Monday!!

Well well well. Things are going good over here! It sounds everyone is still cool back home...I'm glad to hear that haha Mom send a pic of the scooter! The other day we were helping a lady get her scooter running and I thought of you... hopefully yours doesn't work either haha

Alright so transfer news!!! Elder Belding will be leaving! It stinks, he was fun to serve with but he's gotta move on! I found out that my new companion is one of my homies from back in the day! His names Elder Kuns!! We'll be working with the zone together and then training a brand new missionary! This will be my third son. I'm pretty pumped!!

This last Saturday Elder Oaks met with us missionaries in the area and it was sooo cool! Theres no way that man is not an apostle! On Saturday Elder Martino and Elder Roads of the 70 spoke, then Bishop Couse (Presiding Bishopric) and  the Sister Oaks and then Elder Oaks...the spirit was so powerful! It was almost too much to handle haha Then the next day, Elder Oaks spoke at our Stake conference! Once again soo much power!!!!!! President and Sister Murdock spoke too! We're sitting in the gym with one of our investigators when the usher came up and moved us all the way to the second soft bench from the front! We had several other investigators come too! After the meeting one of them (Matthew) ran up and wanted to shake Elder Oak's hand. (Matthew doesn't even really believe in God) So I grabbed him and introduced him to President and Sister Murdock and they asked him how long he'd been been baptized for and he said oh I'm not yet haha President was like I'm happy you say yet cause it'll happen soon haha After them I went for Elder Oaks all guns blazing!! I stopped him (that was kinda scary haha) and introduced him to Matt. I'll never forget this cause Elder Oaks dropped some apostle testimony on Matt.  He said the best thing about all of this is that its all true. Matt felt the spirit, I felt the spirit, both of our testimonies were strengthened by that little sentence haha Matt is slowly being chipped away at. It's only a matter of when now haha I guess to relay some of Dallin H. Oaks message to you guys. Listen and be willing and able to follow the promptings of the spirit! Follow Christ's example! "WE ARE A CHURCH OF DOERS"

I love you all! Keep being cool and stuff and don't let mom ride the scooter. That's to all of the family that will read this and other people hahah Love you tons!

Elder Austin

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy MONDAY!!
Things are going good over here! We've just been really busy and running all over the place. Tons of exchanges and meetings and conference calls.We're really working to build the ward’s trust and get the members involved. We've been tracting and finding for hours everyday and haven't seen a ton of success so it’s up to the members. It's frustrating when the members don’t want to be involved with missionary work. So you better be helping the missionaries you have over there in the Westpark ward!! Give them people to teach and go out with them :) Its not scary and it brings blessings! Feed them too!!! hahaha I'm sure you guys are doing great at all that though haha
The area is pretty cool! Small towns and ranches (still a lot bigger than Granby) We're in a car cause we have to drive all over the place, but we've been spending most of our time walking trying to talk to people haha for p days we've just been playing basketball. its a nice change of pace from fishing every p day, but im looking for all the good spots to hit another p day
Love you all! Keep being cool and having fun over there! This day last year I was in the MTC haha so nuts!! Take care :)
Elder Austin

It sounds like everyone back home is doing awesome!
Things are going good over here. We're working hard and trying to build the area. It suffered a bit the past few transfers with some missionaries getting sent home early, but we're turning it around :)
It's crazy that all these people are leaving on missions. It's the best choice they'll ever make!
I love you all so much! And I'm so pumped being on a mission. The other day we had a zone conference and the things I learned were awesome :) The work is hastening! We're having an apostle come to our stake conference here in a couple weeks, and its going to be so cool to hear what he has to say. Big things are happening over here!!!
Love, Elder Austin

Rifle, CO.! This place is pretty cool haha I'm actually living in Silt and we cover Silt, Newcastle, and part of Rifle. It's a lot of fun here. The area and zone has struggled for awhile I guess but were about to tear it up :) Our zone seems pretty cool too, good missionaries...some interesting ones too haha

Ok so my new companions are Elder Belding from Kentucky, and Elder England from Washington!!! Weare pumped haha Everyone in the mission is super jealous too of our companionship haha They're all like what?!?! Elder Belding, Elder Austin, and Elder England all together that's not fair hahaha It has been so fun too! Really busy though with all the other stuff but its cool. collar bone is all gravy mom haha

Everyone talks about Shooter’s Cafe here haha we're probably gonna go today haha we'll see :)

Saw the girls camp video! It was awesome haha I'm glad your all doing well over there :) I cant believe Brandyn is leaving too! He'll be such a stud missionary.

I can't believe last year I was getting ready to leave on my mission! haha its so crazy! There's no time to lose! I'll be home in no time so I guess I better make the most of what I have right now :) I love you guys thanks so much for the love and support :) And I did get the package and letter thanks so much :)