Monday, August 4, 2014

Rifle, CO.! This place is pretty cool haha I'm actually living in Silt and we cover Silt, Newcastle, and part of Rifle. It's a lot of fun here. The area and zone has struggled for awhile I guess but were about to tear it up :) Our zone seems pretty cool too, good missionaries...some interesting ones too haha

Ok so my new companions are Elder Belding from Kentucky, and Elder England from Washington!!! Weare pumped haha Everyone in the mission is super jealous too of our companionship haha They're all like what?!?! Elder Belding, Elder Austin, and Elder England all together that's not fair hahaha It has been so fun too! Really busy though with all the other stuff but its cool. collar bone is all gravy mom haha

Everyone talks about Shooter’s Cafe here haha we're probably gonna go today haha we'll see :)

Saw the girls camp video! It was awesome haha I'm glad your all doing well over there :) I cant believe Brandyn is leaving too! He'll be such a stud missionary.

I can't believe last year I was getting ready to leave on my mission! haha its so crazy! There's no time to lose! I'll be home in no time so I guess I better make the most of what I have right now :) I love you guys thanks so much for the love and support :) And I did get the package and letter thanks so much :)

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