Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy MONDAY!!
Things are going good over here! We've just been really busy and running all over the place. Tons of exchanges and meetings and conference calls.We're really working to build the ward’s trust and get the members involved. We've been tracting and finding for hours everyday and haven't seen a ton of success so it’s up to the members. It's frustrating when the members don’t want to be involved with missionary work. So you better be helping the missionaries you have over there in the Westpark ward!! Give them people to teach and go out with them :) Its not scary and it brings blessings! Feed them too!!! hahaha I'm sure you guys are doing great at all that though haha
The area is pretty cool! Small towns and ranches (still a lot bigger than Granby) We're in a car cause we have to drive all over the place, but we've been spending most of our time walking trying to talk to people haha for p days we've just been playing basketball. its a nice change of pace from fishing every p day, but im looking for all the good spots to hit another p day
Love you all! Keep being cool and having fun over there! This day last year I was in the MTC haha so nuts!! Take care :)
Elder Austin

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