Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elder Austin's Second Email

Hey hope everyone is doing well out there! I’m glad you liked the bike video too, that hill is pretty huge. WE're pretty much in the desert so there aren’t too many mountains haha and I did have a bike accident but I survived and I’m completely fine. The whole front wheel on my bike came off when I was riding pretty fast and I ate it pretty hard. My hands are a little scraped up but that’s it. Anyways things are going well out here. Elder Reese and I are sitting down with families in the ward and writing up plans with them for how they can share the gospel with EVERYONE they know. I heard an interesting and shocking thing the other day that came from the first presidency of the church. They said that within a year since the announcement of the age change, the missionary force will have doubled. By next year there will be over 100,000 missionaries. They also said that the age change and missionary work today is just as important/influential/ vital as the coming of the Book of Mormon... that’s insane! The first presidency said that the things that are happening today with missionary work are just as important as Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon and restoring the church. It’s kinda hard to comprehend –haha. It’s weird that we're living in a time like this. My companion and I tell the members when we talk about missionary work that the Lord doesn't scramble the jets for no reason. All this change is happening for a reason, we just need to do our part and share the gospel as best we can. Anyways I love you all so much and hope you have an awesome week! Keep sending the letters and the packages, they're life savers at times haha Tell everyone I said hi and I love em Love, Elder Austin

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