Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder Austin's email from the 21st

Ooh man we've been having a pretty good week! The leaves are changing colors and they're all over the ground. It's cool to bike through all of it. Sometimes the wind picks up like crazy and all the leaves start flying around like snow... it's really cool. We're about 5 hours away from Denver. We're what they call "over the hill" or "out west" its cool. Grand Junction is what they call I guess an elevated desert? It's still really high but it's kinda dry and stuff. It's been getting cold though. We we're riding around yesterday and I didn't bring my gloves so my hands were frozen and my face too haha! We'll probably start getting snow soon too. (if there is snow we have to ride our bikes anyways) The fall social/trunk or treat/ chili cook off was awesome! It's pretty big here. We had a ton of investigators and non members and less actives show up. They all enjoyed it too. Elder Jacobson and I must be doing something right cause we've been having a lot of good happen to us (knock on wood). We now have 3 investigators on date for baptism. One of them was this lady who came running up to us one day yelling "I missed my elders" she told us that it had been years since she'd met with missionaries and she wanted us to come over. So we did and taught and invited her to baptism. She said she's put it off for too long and that she knows its true. She's on date for November 23! We've had some pretty funny things happen to us lately. Elder Jacobson has eaten it on his bike like 3 times in really funny ways. He's fine though. And I crashed my bike into someones mail box haha I was trying to get dirt off my back tire while riding ( not the smartest thing) and I look up and there was a mail box right in front of me. The guy came out and was laughing and it turned into a good thing ,but anyways right after that we went to a lady’s house and we're sitting there as she forces us to eat ice cream and we start calling each other by the nicknames she gave us ( Jacobson- Prince William, and ME- Harry conick jr.) It was a pretty funny visit. I'm supposed to sing for them next time we're over there cause apparently I’m Harry Conick jr. haha- we did have spiritual experience too. For prep day we usually just play basketball. It’s awesome. We're lucky enough to have a zone with enough somewhat athletic elders in so we can have a decent game going. I've also played soccer and of course nerf. but we don’t do that one as much. We'll probably try to do some cool hikes and climbs soon too. I love you guys! Take care and let me know how you're all doing. SEE YAA Elder Austin

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