Saturday, December 7, 2013

4 month mark!

It's crazy to think I've been out for 4 months already! I still feel like I just got out here. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week! It was weird to be away form home, but we made the most out of it for sure! We weren't allowed to proselyte so we played football all day and ate a ton of food. It was sweet! We've just been doing our thing as usual, working hard and talking to all sorts of awesome/crazy people. We're coming up on transfers too, which is insane! I really hope I stay though cause transfer day is on December 17th and I'd be sooooo mad if I get moved to a new area the week before Christmas, but I guess its not up to me haha Anyways this week is shaping up to be another crazy one! Everyones saying that we're looking at 18 degrees one of the days this week with some snow too. They're also saying it'll be around 8 deg. at night..... For some reason they like putting the cali beach boy on the bike in the dead of winter! We'll see how it goes I guess. Hopefully everyones doing well back home. I miss you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and letters and all! They help out so much! Love Elder Austin

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