Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An email from a while ago

TRANSFERSS!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we're getting another batch of baby missionaries! It looks like I'll be staying in Grand Junction 1st ward for another 6 weeks and I'll continue to train! After this transfer I'll have been in this ward for just about 6 months! Out of all the missionaries in our district I've been in this area the longest haha it's probably because they dont want to expose the rest of colorado to me haha I'm excited though! I get to freeze my butt of on my bike for another 6 weeks in GJ's record cold weather woooooooohhoooo It's gonna be great! This ward hasn't had many missionaries stay over 4 months here so it's cool to have a chance to continue to build strong relationships with all of them! ANyways this week was pretty good! Elder Green got his stitches out so we were able to get back to work and ride our bikes really fast again! It was kinda crazy tho, we met with this guy who flagged us down a couple weeks ago and told us to come over. he lives alone in this really nice house thats full of all this really cool ancient stuff and lots of guns haha He let us hold all of these sweet rifles and shotguns and stuff. it was sweet! I guess he played semi pro basketball and wwas really successful when he was young so he got to retire when he was like 28 or something. and now he just invests in young singers and all that good stuff. He was a really nice guy but I could tell that even with all that awesome nice stuff he isn't really happy. something is missiing, and all he is trying to do is make up for what he doesn't have. It's sad to see, but hopefully he'll open up to the gospel, but I dont think he will. He's jewish and I think he wants to just bible bash! It's all good though! ANyways! ANother transfer is over! number 4 starts now, and it's gonna be the best one yet, just as long as i dont freeze. It's kinda funny we'll be riding around and its a nice 3 degrees and my eyes will start to water because its so cold, and then the water freezes to my eyes! Its cool! Take care everyoneand keep being cool and stuff!!

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