Friday, February 7, 2014

The recent email

So I'm in the Foothills Ward now! The area covers parts of Golden Colorado, Lakewood, and just the metro area of Denver. It's like I'm in a whole different mission compared to out west. The way of life is just so different. It looks like I’m in another area that is struggling though... My new companion, Elder Johnson, started his mission with Elder Green so he's a pretty young me! He said it’s been tough here. I'm excited though cause the ward seems great! I got to speak at a baptism and be a part of a recent converts confirmation! It was so cool! Elder Johnson said that the past 4 days have been the hardest he’s worked and the most successful he's been in his entire mission, so hopefully things will start looking up. I'm glad everyone is doing well! The whole city is in depression right now because of how bad the Broncos played its kinda crazy haha. It’s weird being in a football town because every single person has Bronco apparel haha!

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