Tuesday, February 11, 2014


SO it's been an awesome week here in Lakewood/Golden/wherever I am! WE've been working hard and its been paying off. At the begining of the week we had some guy call us and he was breaking down over the phone talking about how his sister got in a pretty bad accident and how she is comatose (i think thats how you spell it) ANyways we go and see him in this motel where he's staying with a couple other guys and it was pretty sketchy cause it smelled like smoke (cigarrette and the other kind) and they all looked like they wanted to hurt me, but we start talking to the one guy and he seems really interested. We also prayed with him for his sister. Over the next week we keep goig over to see him and he tells us that his sister is somehow remarkably healed and that she's home now and how he wants to be baptized! I also noticed that his roomate was listening a little closer than in past times. He was always there but he never sat in on the lessons, but this time i could see him across the room just listening. SO after the lesson I went up to him and told him about what we do, he was interested ad took a book of mormon. It was such a cool experience to be a part of. I also got a text from the Elders back in The Grand Junction 1st ward (my last area) and they told me how two of the guys that Elder Green and I found are on date for baptism! One of the guys, Steve, Was I guy I talked to on the street. I remember I was riding down the street one day and I passed I guy and didn't talk to him...I felt like poo so I said a prrayer and promised God I would talk to the very next person I saw, no matter what haha So about 2 seconds later I see steve! Turns out he was solid hahaha Yesterday we had about 6 less active members come to church too. There hearts are changing and they're remembering what the gospel has dfone for them in there life. It's for everyone! We all neeed it! Thanks for all the love and support you give me! I need it! your letters and emails are the best! LOVE YOU ALL PEACE OUT!!!! Elder Austin!

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